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Sub-Projects Funded and Supported by the EFPF Project

The following 20 sub-projects are funded and supported by the EFPF Project. These sub-projects were selected through an open-call competition in the first half of 2021. The 20 sub-project will run for the 9-12 months period between Sept 2021 and Aug 2022. 

Based on the interests of EFPF project to nurture and validate innovation in the EFPF federation, the 20 sub-projects correspond to the 3 categories defined by the EFPF project.  The list of winning sub-projects include:

1: Sub-projects for the development of digital manufacturing applications and services for the EFPF platform

     - Atlantis Engineering                                      =>    See Atlantis Engineering's story here.

     - Ceramics 4.0                                                   =>    See Ceramics 4.0's story here.

     - Digiotouch                                                 

     - Digital Systems 4.0                                         =>    See Digital Systems 4.0 story here.

     - Eurecat Technology Centre                           =>    See Eurecat Technology Centre's story here.

     - Future Intelligence                                          =>    See Future Intelligence's story here.

     - Lortek                                                               =>    See Lortek's story here.

     - Masta                                                               =>    See Masta's story here.

     - Nissatech                                                         =>    See Nissatech's story here.

     - Xgility                                                                =>    See Xgility's story here.

2. Sub-projects for validation and/or testing of EFPF platform and services in digital manufacturing domains

     - CTAG                                                                  =>    See Cabomar and CTAG's story here.

     - Digital Transformation at Sappi Europe      =>    See Sappi & Scailable's story here.

     - Digitanimal                                                       =>    See Digitanimal's story here.

     - Pressious Arvanitidis SA                                 =>    See Pressious Arvanitidis's story here.

     - Simtera                                                              =>    See Simtera & Borçelik's story here.


 3. ​Sub-projects to improve the EFPF ecosystem by connecting multiple stakeholders through innovative solutions

     - Capgemini                                                        =>    See Capgemini's story here.

     - Artificial Intelligence Talentum                     =>    See Artificial Intelligence Talentum's story here.
     - DNET Labs                                                        =>    See DNET Labs' story here

     - eBusiness eXpert                                            =>    See eBusiness eXpert's story here.

     - Octavic                                                              =>    See Octavic's story here.

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