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Resources and Documentation for the EFPF Open Funding Call 

To help you with open call application process, the following resources (Open Call documentation) and Support Material were made available.

<<The EFPF Open Funding Call has now closed. You are welcome to register your interest in our Community Development program>>

Resources / Documentation

   Technical Information about the EFPF platform 

Support Material

  • Submission trainging webinar recordings (Coming Soon!)

Value Proposition for Open Call Experimenters

​The EFPF project has drafted the following value-propositions with regards to the open-call. 

  • €50-150K of non-equity funding and support to develop new digital services and digital manufacturing solutions

  • Different types of projects cover major aspects of technical capabilities such as solution development, validation and integration. Experience gained from these projects can help enhance the technical capabilities as well as technology infrastructure of the experimenters/companies

  • An opportunity to interact and collaborate with manufacturing companies in diverse domains such as aerospace, furniture and smart waste management

  • An opportunity to engage with innovative SMEs, research organisations, manufacturing and logistic companies, and SME associations 

  • Different duration of sub-projects are available. Proposals can be for 6, 9, or 12 months duration in connection with sub-projects type. This provides further flexibility and options to applicants

  • Rapid technical and administrative support is offered to the applicants with appropriate response within 48hours

  • Clarity on existing solutions in the EFPF federation, the applicants are able to register easily and for free to EFPF portal and explore various tools/services descriptions, documentation and demo videos

  • Clarity of processes is provided by detailed Guide of Applicants, continuously updated FAQ section on the project website, frequent updates on the EFPF webpage information, F6S application page, support videos and webinars

  • Support for transparent and sustainable operations of the experimenters based on our IPR strategy 

  • Open call winners own what they produce and they are able to exploit outcomes across  their business

  • Opportunities for further exploitation after EFPF project are available through EFF 

  • Opportunity to develop new, working relationships with innovative businesses in the Industry4.0 domain

  • Access to a new sales channel through the EFPF Marketplace

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