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Partner Stories

The EFPF consortium is highly interdisciplinary and transnational. It consist of 30 partner organisations representing European excellence in industry and solution development domains. See what they have to say about the project, their role in it and how their involvement helps the project as well as their business


ALM create innovative ICT solutions to empower humans to better organize their lives in an increasingly complex world. ALM has contributed in the development of various platforms for different domains including logistics, communication, sensor data and IoT. Together with daughter company Sense OS, Almende has realised the award-winning commercial IoT platform SenseIoT.

See how Almende is contributing towards and benefiting from the project >>>

Hanse Aerospace

HAW is the largest independent business association for SMEs in the aviation sector in Germany. HAW organises dissemination activities and creates business and collaboration opportunities for their member companies. HAW is coordinating the piloting activities in the EFPF project. 

See what Ingo Martens (EFPF Dissemination Manager) has to say about the EFPF project and its benefits towards the member companies of Hanse Aerospace association >>>


Siemens is the global player in the electrical and electornic industry. Siemens exposes a well recognised portfolio of innivative solutions in the digital manufacturing domain.  The EFPF federation model allows Siemens to not only test innovative solutions but also participate in the development of an open and collaborative ecosystem of advance digital solutions. 

See what Raluca Maria Repanovici has to say about the EFPF project, the role of Siemens in the project and how the company and project benefit from the collaborations taking place in this project >>>

Innovint Aircraft Interiors

Innovint Aircraft Interior GmbH is developing and manufacturing cabin interiors and has established a leading position in the market with innovative products.  IAI is participating in the EFPF project to experiment with latest solutions and potentially adopt the innovations in the digital manufacturing area to enhance their supply and production processes.

See what Lars Henschel has to say about the project, the role of Innovint in the project and how the company and project benefit from the collaborations taking place in this European initiative >>>

Austrian Standards International

Austrian Standards International is a leading standardisation organisation in Europe. ASI is a member of CEN, ISO and ETSI and is embedded in the European and International standardisation environment with more than 4k experts in Austria and 200k experts in EU. ASI provides standardisation services as well as training certification and other awareness activities. 
See what Karl Grun has to say about standardisation and innovation that go hand in hand within the EFPF project >>>


SRDC Yazılım Araştırma ve Geliştirme ve Danışmanlık Tic is innovative SME that enjoys strong support from the research-based background to offer innovative solutions to the industry and public administrations. SRDC adopt innovation from R&D activities and delivers new solutions to the industry. SRDC is actively involved in the development of EFPF platlform.

See what Şenan Postacı has to say about the role of SRDC in the EFPF project and how SRDC plans to support the users of the EFPF platform>>>


ICE - Information Catalyst for Enterprise is a specialist consultancy assisting partners improve their business activities through cutting edge research and innovation, custom software development, and commercial consultancy services. ICE is managing the EFPF project and is actively contributing to the platforms development.

See what Usman Wajid (Project Manager) has to say about the project, the role of ICE in EFPF and how ICE benefits from participation in the project>>>


Nextworks’ research and development aims at identifying cutting edge innovative technologies and application scenarios to be turned into company products and knowledge services for the ICT market. Nextworks is contributing towards the development of the federated EFPF platform based on their experience in IoT, smart factory and Industry4.0 domains. 

Here Nicola Ciulli & Gianluca Insolvibile describe the role of Nextworks in EFPF and how the company benefits from it >>>

CNet Svenska

CNet is a software company specialising in research and innovation for Internet of Things, Cloud Services and Mobile Apps. CNet is experienced with international collaborative research and innovation projects. The knowledge and expertised gained by the research projects is exploited by consulting industrial or comercialised by spin-off companies.  

See how Mathias Axling, the Technical Director of CNet describes the contributions of CNet in EFPF and their expectations from this flagship EU project >>> 


AIDIMME is the coordinator of the EFPF project. Primarily as a Metal-Processing, Wood, Furniture and Packaging Technology Institute, AIDIMME's aim is to foster the competitiveness of the  member companies. AIDIMME’s experts are working in the development and implementation of innovative solutions aiming to motivate and drive change in the way business is conducted.

Here the AIDIMME team explains their interests and contributions in the EFPF project >>>


CERTH-ITI is one of the largest R&D centre in Greece. It boosts significant expertise in AI, Blockchain, analytics, informatics and telecommunication technologies. CERTH' is leading the open funding call activity in the EFPF project to support the innoation development, validation and ecosystem creation  objectives of the project. 

Here the Alexandros Nizamis from CERTH-ITI explains the interests and contributions iof CERTH in the EFPF project >>>


KLEEMANN is one of the major lift companies in the European and global market. With more than 30 successful years of experience, with manufacturing facilities in Greece, Serbia and China. As an industrial partner, KLEEMANN is interested in resilient supply chain technology and circular economy solutions that can allow KLEEMANN to maintain their competitive edge while contributing to their sustainable manufacturing goals. Here Theofilos Mastos describes KLEEMANN's involvement in the EFPF project >>>


3D ICOM manufactures spare parts for the aerospace, ship building and green energy sectors. 3D ICOM's agenda for innovation  aims for improving light-weight manufacturing from concept design to product development. 3D ICOM supports the validation activities in the EFPF project and the company aims to improve their processes and supply chain operations through participation in the project. Here 3D ICOM team describes their company's involvement in the EFPF project >>>

AM Allied Maintenance

AAM bring years of experience regarding installation, maintenance and repair of production technology in a multitude of industry sectors. AAM operates in aviation, mechanical engineering, automotive, food, beverage, chemicals and rail industry. Through EFPF, AAM takes advantage of the latest technological solutions to bring improvements in their production processes. Here Gerd Engelbrecht, the General Managemen of AAM, describes the role of AAM in the project along with the offerings and expectation of AMM in the EFPF project


ELDIA is one of the premier waste management companies in Greece, with activities covering the entire range of solid waste management of municipal, industrial, and commercial sectors.  Here Dimitris Gkortzis, Managing Director of ELDIA, describes the role of ELDIA in the circular economy pilot of the EFPF project. Through their involvement in the EFPF project, ELDIA is able to address a number of their technological requirements and business needs through Blockchain and other of digital solutions developed in the project.

Fraunhofer FIT

FIT is a leading R&D institute with focus on user-friendly smart solutions that blend seamlessly in business processes. With extensive knowledge in software architectures, FIT supports the integration and organization of existing systems and their extension with novel technologies. Here Alexander Schneider, Technical Manager of the EFPF project, describes FIT's role in the project and how the EFPF Data Spine enhances the ability to design and develop distributed systems for a variety of customers.

LINKS Foundation

LINKS offers expertise in data analytics and experience in the design and development of full stake solutions using deep and machine learning techniques. LINKS is involved both in platform development and data analytics application development activities to provide innovative solutions to the users. Here Eduardo Pristeri describes LINKS's role in the project, how the project offers the chance to establish close contact with their target users and promote LINKS Foundation as a hub for innovative research and developments.

Caixa Mágica Software

Caixa Mágica brings extensive experience in the development of open-source solutions and in the integration of applications. CMS is actively involved with Linux & Research communities. Besides having participated in several EU-funded Research projects, CMS is leading the development and enhancements of the Software Development Kit (SDK) in the EFPF project.  Here Carlos Coutinho, the CEO of Caixa Mágica, describes their involvement in the EFPF project and how the project helps with their ongoing activities


Brimatech stands for bridging markets and technologies. Brimatech focuses on user invovlement, market analysis and business planning. Brimatech is leading the Impact, Exploitation and IPR management activities in the EFPF project. Here Dieter Meinhard, the partner and key researcher in Brimatech, describes their involvement in the EFPF project, why they see the EFPF project as a key driver towards increased digitalisation in the manufacturing domain and what they want to achieve through the project.


Elanyo is a specialist for advanced data analytic solutions. Elanyo develops data analytic solutions for a number of industries such as telecommunication, retail, financial services, energy and publishing. In the EFPF project, Elanyo has developed a data analytic solution for analysing the behaviours of customers to predict if the customers will make a purchase in future or not. Having this knowledge is good for market positioning of the companies. Here Max from Elanyo describes their experience from the EFPF project and how the project helps the company to develop innovative solutions.


Ascora is one of the leading providers of B2C solutions with more than 18m users. B2C range of solutions include security, system tools and multimedia. Ascora also provides B2B solutions in the Industry4.0, construction and ecommerce domains. Here Anouar, Research and Innovation manager at Ascroa, describes the role of the company in the EFPF project and how the project helps the company to stay on top of innovation in various areas of interest. Anouar also outlines the impact of project on company's internal and commercialised products.

Walter Otto Müller GmbH

Walter Otto Müller GmbH & Co.KG is a manufacturing SME since 1949. For WOM it is essential to optimise all production related activities in order to survice in a competitive industry. Digitalisation and automation is recognised a key opportunity to increase the performance of WOM. WOM represents the users in the EFPF project and the company provides real-world requirements and validation scenarios in the project. Here Alexandar Streblow describes the role of WOM in the EFPF project.


LAGRAMA is a furniture manufacturer, specialist in bedroom and living room furniture for the young people. LAGRAMA is frequently engaging in lot-size-one manufacturing scenarios to address the unique requirements of customers in time and cost constraints. This requires the company to increasingly involve in collaborations with new suppliers and this is where the EFPF-based digital solutions can help. Here Joan from Lagrama describes the company's involvement in the project and how they see this as a win-win situation. 


Valuechain is a multi-award winning SME, that is at the forefront of digital manufacturing, multi-tier supply chain collaboration and optimisation technologies. Valechain works with over 500 manufacturing SME clients  globally. In the EFPF project, Valuechain is integrating their supply chain intelligence platform iQluster in the EFPF federation. Here Happy Dudee describes how continued innovation is integral to Valuechain, his company's involvement in different projects and what is their role in the EFPF project.  


fortiss is a research institute in Germany focusing on software intensive systems and services. fortiss delivers cutting edge research in software systems and service engineering. In the EFPF project, fortiss IoT research department has developed an Edge-based IoT service matching component that enables the integration of IoT data with different services and platform components. Here Nisrine Bnouhanna describes the role of fortiss in the project, their experience and the relevant opportunities offered by  EFPF project.


Mil Oil is a biodiesel company that operates a state-of-the-art automated biodiesel production facility of 10,000 tons per year with customers including Hellenic Petroleum. The company contributes towards the piloting and evaluation activities in the EFPF waste management pilot. Biogas produced from waste biomass of the biodiesel is used by other companies in the cyclic economy. Here Pavlos describes the role of MilOil in the EFPF and how the project helps towards company's innovation agenda. 


The IT Innovation Centre is an applied research centre advancing a wide range of information technologies and enabling their adoption in industry, commerce and society. UoS-ITI's substantial portfolio of research supported by public programmes is complemented by professional services including customer-specific and commercially confidential research and development . Here Nic from Uos-ITI describes the role of the organisation in the EFPF project and how it the project supports the research and innovation programs. 


Salzburg Research is the non-profit research organisation with involvement in a number of European and national research projects. Salzburg Research brings to the EFPF project, their expertise in security systems, matchmaking and platform governance deciplines. Moreover, the experience and know-how from coordinating the EC H2020 NIMBLE project is brought into the EFPF federation. Here Violeta Damjanovic, senior researcher from SRFG, introduces the organisation and their role in the project.


Control2K is a systems integrator and automation solutions provider company based in the UK. Their strengths lie in factory connectivity and providing shop-floor data for further processing and applying advance analytic techniques on the shop-floor data for timely decision support. In the EFPF project, Control2K is leading the WP4 that focuses on factory connectivity solutions. Here Gash Bhullar from Control2K describes the role of the company in the project and why this project is important to their growth ambitions.  

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