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EFPF Partners

The EFPF consortium is highly interdisciplinary and transnational. It consist of 30 partner organisations representing European excellence in industry and solution development domains. The EFPF consortium include 2 large industrial partners, 6 Research organisations, 2 industrial association to bring together suitable partners from the aerospace network, 6 SME end-users from different areas of manufacturing and 14 SMEs technology providers. These 30 partners are spread across 10 different European States namely: UK, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Romania, Portugal, Turkey, Greece, Germany and Austria, covering thus the diverse end user and market needs in the field of digital manufacturing. This provides a well-balanced combination of complementary skills and expertise in the  EPPF project. The project has concluded in 2022 and all results are handed over to EFF, that has been setup in EFPF project to ensure sustainability of project outcomes.


AIDIMME is the coordinator of the EFPF project. Primarily as a Metal-Processing, Wood, Furniture and Packaging Technology Institute, AIDIMME's aim is to foster the competitiveness of the  member companies. AIDIMME’s experts are working in the development and implementation of innovative solutions aiming to motivate and drive change in the way business is conducted.

Information Catalyst for Enterprise

ICE is the Project Manager for EFPF. It has extensive experience of coordinating and managing large scale software development and integration projects both in commercial and research environments. ICE provides the eFactory project with competences in project management, data harmonisation, process design/execution, services integration and user support. 

Fraunhofer Institute
for Applied

FIT is currently the most successful Institute within all Fraunhofer institutes with regards to the participation in European Projects. FIT bring its technical competences in integrating heterogeneous systems and devices via LinkSmart® platform. With knowledge in software architectures, FIT supports the integration and organization of existing (sub-) systems and their extension with novel technologies.

European Factory Foundation

The European Factory Foundation (EFF) is a non-profit association of research and industry organisations from the manufacturing, logistics and ICT sectors. EFF is a legally independent body that provides the EFPF platform and supports multi-stakeholder interactions and collaborations. Through the EFPF technology platform, EFF is keen to promote the development and uptake of innovative solutions

CERTH-ITI exhibits substantial research activity, both basic and industry-oriented, as well as technology transfer actions. It carries a significant expertise on process modelling and the development of simulation platforms and visual analytics for highly complex systems. CERTH's scientific group of personnel is involved in research networks with assorted institutes and industrial partners in Greece and the rest of Europe.

The Centre for Research & Technology, Hellas

Siemens Corporate Technology combines a unique manner high-end research with fast, professional delivery of platform software. Siemens bring, to EFPF, extensive experiences in predictive & prescriptive analytics for IoT, unifying current practices of semantic description for machine level resources with linked data streams management and associated intelligence based on complex event processing.

Siemens SRL
The LINKS Foundation

LINKS offers expertise in data analytics and experience in the defintion of IoT technologies. LINKS provide EFPF with expertise and experience in machine learning and deep learning advancing the TRL of the tools produced in other R&D projects and further validates the produced components in a federated environment. Furthermore, LINKS is involved in developing the intra-factory interoperability layer in EFPF.


Valuechain is a multi-award winning SME, at the forefront of multi-tier supply chain collaboration and optimisation technologies. The capturing and sharing of real-time intelligence is critical to success in increasingly globalised, competitive and demanding industries. Valuechain’s iQluster platform disrupt current technologies and business models that currently dictate how supply chain intelligence is securely traded. 


fortiss is the non-profit research institute of the Free State of Bavaria for software-intensive systems and services. The Industry 4.0 division at fortiss brings extensive experience in designing and integrating systems for smart factory applications. Expertise include model-based composition of cyberphysical system components, plug & play communication architectures and their applications in smart factories. 


Nextworks’ research and development aims at identifying cutting edge innovative technologies and application scenarios to be turned into company products and knowledge services for the ICT market. Nextworks “digital living” platform Symphony is a service-oriented middleware integrating several functional subsystems into a unified IP-based platform. Symphony is evolving towards a fully distributed IoT platform.

Control 2K

C2K is a technology provider and systems integrator with extensive experience in Industry 4.0 strategy and implementations in Tier 1 companies in the automotive supply chains. C2K has mapped their software system Industreweb 4.0 onto the RAMI4.0 framework. C2K has a strong collaboration history with manufacturing companies and Wales and is keen to expose the new Industry 4.0 tools and services to the industry.


ALM create innovative ICT solutions to empower human beings to better organize their lives in an increasingly complex world. ALM has contributed towards the development of various platforms for different domains including logistics, communication, sensor data and IoT. Together with daughter company Sense OS, Almende has realised the award-winning commercial IoT platform SenseIoT.


Hanse-Aerospace represents as one of the industrial partners in the Aerospace related pilot and bring the joint requirements and end-user perspectives of the member companies. Hanse-Aerospace acts as a front-end to its member companies that require new services for collaborations on business opportunities from the large OEM (e.g. Airbus), while also offering new tools and training for complex processes. 

HAW Logo 2020.png
CNet Svenska 

CNet is a leading-edge software house specialising in research and innovation for Internet of Things, Services and People. CNet is one of the main developers of the Open Source middleware LinkSmart, a development platform for creating applications for the IoT. In addition, CNet spin-offs offer products and services in the diverse domains of energy management, agriculture, medical equipment and infrastructures. 


KLEEMANN is one of the major lift companies in the European and global market. It was founded in 1983 in Greece. With more than 30 successful years of experience, with manufacturing facilities in Greece, Serbia and China. As an industrial partner, KLEEMANN is interested in resilient supply chain technology and predictive maintenance solutions that make use of sensors to monitor the  production and track supply chain activities. 


ELDIA is the largest waste management company in Northern Greece, with activities covering the entire range of solid waste management of municipal, industrial, and commercial sectors. ELDIA is expanding its service in European markets and eFactory ecosystem is vital to increase its competitiveness as it provide means to accumulate new knowledge and innovative tools for new market opportunities. 


Ascora is one of the leading providers of software apps in Germany with more than 8M users and 3M active newsletter subscribers; applications include desktop applications as well as web and mobile apps. Ascora creates consumer-driven software solutions with high user-friendliness, low error rate and adaptive system requirements. The creation of flexible cloud-based solutions is a key element of the company.

Caixa Mágica Software

Caixa Mágica brings extensive experience in the development of open-source solutions and in the integration of applications. CMS is actively involved with Linux & Research communities. Besides having participated in several EU-funded Research projects, CMS is participating in the development and enhancements of the Portuguese Identity Card system towards making it pan-European compliant.

Salzburg Research  

Salzburg Research is the non-profit research organisation with involvement in a number of European and national research projects. Salzburg Research will bring to the EFPF project, their expertise in building knowledge-based data management platforms, component and services from the EC H2020 NIMBLE project, and their expertise in enabling interoperation and securing collaboration via digital manufacturing platforms.


LAGRAMA is a specialist in bedroom and living room furniture and manufacture all products to furnish both rooms: cabinets, beds, bunk beds, desks, containers, shelves, etc. LAGRAMA has a network of commercial agents in Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Russia and Switzerland. The company is interested in using the EFPF platform to fulfil its technology acceptance and business growth ambitions. 

Brimatech Services

Brimatech is a market research and consulting company specialised in the B2B sector. The company has been ESA broker for technology transfer in Austria since 2011. Brimatech is particularly experienced in the I4.0, aeronautics, space, materials and security industry sector. Brimatech avails of the necessary know-how and resources to successfully execute the Business Planning and Exploitation activities.


Elanyo is a specialist for advanced data analytics in various industries. Elanyo brings comprehensive domain knowledge in industries such as telecommunication, retail, financial services, energy and publishing. Elanyo has significant expertise in the extraction of relevant data from operational systems, in integration and transformation of data into data warehouses and schema-less big data structures.

SRDC Yazılım Araştırma ve Geliştirme ve Danışmanlık Tic. A.Ş.

SRDC enjoys strong support from the research-based background to offer innovative solutions to the industry and public administrations. SRDC performs R&D activities both for developing brand new products and services and for innovative improvement of existing products and services. SRDC has extensive expertise in large-scale software development, interoperability standards and enabling technologies.

Innovint Aircraft Interior 

Innovint Aircraft Interior GmbH is developing and manufacturing cabin interiors and has established a leading position in the market with innovative products. Optimal design, new materials, and light-weight construction fulfil the criteria of a customized cabin interior. IAI will exploit the EFPF outcomes by adopting the innovations in the digital manufacturing area to enhance their supply and production processes.

Walter Otto Müller GmbH & Co. KG

Walter Otto Müller GmbH & Co.KG is an SME that manufactures customised and standardised front panels, plates, housings, foils and circuit diagrams since 1949. WOM exploit the EFPF outcomes by experimenting with new collaboration techniques and technological means. The lessons learned through pilot activities will allow WOM to make a decision on the uptake or utilisation of EFPF outcomes in manufacturing activities.

AM Allied Maintenance 

AAM bring years of experience regarding installation, maintenance and repair of production technology in a multitude of industry sectors. AAM operates in a multitude of sectors including aviation, mechanical engineering, automotive, food, beverage, chemicals and rail industry. Through EFPF, AAM takes advantage of the latest technological solutions to bring improvements in their production processes.

3D ICOM GmbH & Co. KG

3D ICOM is a specialist in the design and manufacturing of composite parts and products, built to print or built to specification. 3DI is mainly involved in Ad-hoc Supplier Network evaluations of the EFPF project. Its role is considered to be of vital importance and inseparably connected with Airbus and Hanse Aerospace Companies, since both companies contribute toward platform evaluation. 

University of Southampton, IT Innovation Centre 

The IT Innovation Centre is an applied research centre advancing a wide range of information technologies and enabling their adoption in industry, commerce and society. UoS-ITI's substantial portfolio of research supported by public programmes is complemented by professional services including customer-specific and commercially confidential research and development and technology due diligence. 

Austrian Standards International

ASI is the recognized standardisation body in Austria since 1920, a non-profit service organisation and part of a national and international standardisation network i.e. member of CEN, the International Organization for Standardization ISO and the European Telecommunications Standards Institute ETSI. ASI is also involved in standards and standardisation related research projects. 


Mil Oil is a biodiesel company that operates a state-of-the-art automated biodiesel production facility of 10,000 tons per year with customers including Hellenic Petroleum. The company contributes towards the EFPF evaluation through the waste management pilot. Biogas produced from waste biomass of the biodiesel is used by other companies like wood or farming waste thus forming a cyclic economy.

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