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EFPF is part of a cluster of European Commission funded projects that focus on establishing Digital Manufacturing Platforms for Connected Smart Factories. The other projects in this cluster include ZDMP and QU4LITY. A brief overview of these two projects is provided below, more details can be acquired from the project websites.



Zero Defects Manufacturing Platform

ZDMP combines state of the art zero defect technological approaches based on commercial grade or open-source software, with built-in software for any gaps, and with an open development approach and App store. It focuses on both Process and Product quality modules for pre, during, supervisory, and post-production quality issues to ensure manufacturers are enabled for a Zero Defects environment.



Autonomous QU4LITY and Zero Defect Manufacturing

QU4LITY is the biggest European project dedicated to Autonomous Qu4lity (AQ) and Zero Defect Manufacturing (ZDM) in the Industry 4.0. QU4LITY will demonstrate, in a realistic, measurable and replicable way an open, certifiable and highly standardised, SME-friendly and transformative shared data-driven ZDM product and service model for Factory 4.0 through 14 pilot lines.

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