Open Funding Call Webinars

To help you with application preperation and submission, the EFPF project has organised a series of webinars. These webinars will provide in depth information about the open-call plan, the scope and the administrative procedures. There will also be an opportunity to engage with the EFPF experts to clarify or discuss technical topics.

Webinars Schedule and Registeration

The Webinars are scheduled for:

1.            Weds 25th Nov 2020 11:00 CET 

               Recording of the webinar: 

               Slides from the webinar: 



2.            Weds 13th Jan 2021 15:00 CET*

3.            Mon 1st Feb 2021 11:00 CET*

*2021 dates may be subject to change

Webinar Agenda

Webinar Moderator: Nicholas Fair

•Session 1: Introduction to EFPF Project and Platform (20min)  
  Usman Wajid (EFPF Project Manager)

  •Project Overview

  •Project Objectives and  Value Proposition

  •Project Pilots

  •Short ‘ journey’ in EFPF platform


•Session 2: Introduction to EFPF Open Call (20min)
  Alexandros Nizamis (EFPF Experiments Manager)

  •Call Overview

  •Type of sub-project and types of applicants

  •Short overview of available material

  •Introduction to EFPF F6S page and short info for application process


•Session 3: Introduction to EFPF Technical Details (15min)
  Alexander Schneider (EFPF Technical Manager), Usman Wajid (EFPF Project Manager)

  •EFPF Platform Architecture

  •EFPF Platform Key Features, Technologies, Services etc.


•Session 4: Open Discussion - Q & A (30min)

  Nicholas Fair (Webinar Moderator)

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