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Join the EFPF ecosystem ... Get Involved through the Open Experimentation Program

The EC funded EFPF project has recently pledged to distribute 2.5 Million Euros as Financial Support to 20 innovation focused sub-projects.

Although the open call programme has concluded with the successful conclusion of funded projects in August 2022, the EFPF platform remains available for research and experimentation. Please feel free to discuss your research and experimentation ideas with us using the contact details

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For Unfunded Experimentation Call (already concluded) - Click Here for details>>>

For Information on Funded Experiment Call (already concluded) - Continue Reading >>

2.5 million Euros

Total call budget

Funding per sub-project (circa 20 in total)

50K - 150K Euros

Expected duration of sub-project

6 months - 12 months

Important dates

Call Launch:    19-10-2020

Call Deadline: 19-02-2021

Sub-project types

1. Development of new applications

2. Testing/Validation of EFPF solutions


3. Extending the EFPF federation with 

    new platforms and services

Learn more about the
open call through the recordings of our webinars. 
These include 
presentations from EFPF experts and live Q&A sessions with the audiance >>>

Sub-Project Types 

The open call will support three types of sub-projects:

  1. Sub-projects for the development of digital manufacturing applications and services for the EFPF platform

Sub-projects that develop new tools or solutions, either using EFPF's own Software Development Kit (SDK) or by combining/extending the functionalities of existing EFPF solutions. In this type of sub-project the main categories are the:

  • Development of high-quality end-to-end solutions by extending EFPF services in order to provide added value to the platform

  • Development of solutions to address current and urgent issues in manufacturing domains in connection with the general trends in society

  • Development of bespoke solutions for EFPF Partner pilot domains of Aerospace, Furniture Manufacturing and Smart Waste Management (Circular Economy) 

  • Development of new services and applications that can enhance EFPF platform functionality and reach in different Industry4.0 domains

Aim: To create new solutions for the enhancement of EFPF platform, to provide new services to project pilots and to give the opportunity to sub-project participants to build high quality solutions by leveraging existing functionalities and capabilities of the EFPF platform.

Target Audience: SMEs focused on ICT technologies, research institutes and start-up developers

Bid type: Single Applicant only.

Funding Amount: ≤150,000 Euros

Experiment Duration: 9 or12 months


   2. Sub-projects for validation and/or testing of EFPF platform and services in digital manufacturing domains

Focus on the application, validation and/or testing of the solutions developed for the European Factory Platform (EFPF) in real digital manufacturing and/or supply chain scenarios, including::

  • Validation and/or testing of core concepts and functionalities of EFPF platform such as the interoperability, integration and data harmonization of the Data Spine, or platform security, blockchain…etc functionalities (Functional Validation)

  • Validation and/or testing of individual components and tools offered through the EFPF platform such as matchmaking; product catalogues; data analytics; factory connectors…etc. in new manufacturing (or other) domains (Scenario Validation)


Aim: To apply, test and validate EFPF services in other use cases or domains, the results of which will ensure the quality of EFPF solutions enabling their promotion to a broader community of end-users.

Target Audience: SME technology providers or software developers and/or larger companies from either the manufacturing or supply chain domains would be ideal candidates.

Bid type: Single Applicant and/or Small Consortia of a maximum of two partners (e.g. a manufacturing/supply chain company and a technology provider)

Funding Amount: ≤100,000 Euros

Sub-project Duration: 6 or 9 months

   3. ​Sub-projects to improve the EFPF ecosystem by connecting multiple stakeholders through innovative solutions

Focus on the:

  • Integration of third-party applications/services with the EFPF platform. The sub-project must provide a validation scenario to demonstrate seamless access and use of the third-party system/application by platform services and users.

  • Integration or connection of third-party platforms with the EFPF platform. The respective user communities should be able to be seamlessly integrated or connected into the EFPF federation.


Aim: To extend EFPF platform functionality by integrating already existing solutions, services or platforms. 

Target Audience: SMEs that provide solutions that can be integrated to EFPF platform and platform providers.

Bid type: Single applicant only.

Funding Amount: ≤150,000 Euros

Experiment Duration: 9 or 12 months


Why you should get involved:

  • You will receive between €50-150K funding and support to develop new services/products

  • You will own what you produce and will be able to exploit outcomes across your business

  • You will have the opportunity to develop new, working relationships with businesses in the Industry4.0 domain

  • You will have access to a new sales channel through the EFPF Marketplace


Want to apply for funding?

You are encouraged to apply if you are an:

  • EU SMEs (including micro-SMEs)

  • EU technology provider and/or software developer (including start-ups)

  • EU manufacturing and logistics companies (any size)

  • EU Entrepreneurs, sole-traders and start-up developers

  • EU Research Institutes and Universities

Your legal business must be based in a European Union Member State, Associated Country or the UK and be eligible for Horizon 2020 programme.


Download all Open Call documentation and access support services

Interested in some of our unfunded community building activities here

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