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EFPF Platform

The EFPF platform interlink digital manufacturing platforms, smart factory tools and Industry 4.0 concepts to realise and support a connected and smart ecosystem of the future. The platform is offered to users through a unified EFPF Portal with value-added features to hide the complexity of dealing with different platform and solution providers.


In the digital manufacturing domain, the EFPF platform offers unified access to a vast number of interoperable tools and services that include but not limited to digital solutions for factory connectivity, distributed workflow design and execution, distributed production planning, shop-floor monitoring and alerting, digital twins, risk management and data analytics. Adoption of common interoperability standards and security protocols allow seamless interactions and data exchange between multiple tools and service while preserving security and privacy concerns.

Access to the EFPF Portal and Federated Platform

User registration is required to access the Portal and EFPF Platform

Federation Offerings..

EFPF is a federation of digital manufacturing platforms, smart factory tools and Industry4.0 implementations.

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The EFPF Data Spine interlinks the APIs of the participating platforms so that each platform’s functionality is at least, visible and accessible at the level of EFPF.

The Data Spine offer interoperation services at the level of protocols, message formats, data structures, data models, software services, and processes ranging from field level control to business process enactment. Overarching this, are the interoperable security features that ensure transparent utilisation of tools and services at the EFPF platform level.

Solution Development

The EFPF Software Development Kit (SDK) is a visual software development environment with code management, parsing, execution and testing functionalities. The SDK comes loaded with reusable libraries, making it easy for users to compose applications.

The SDK provides EFPF users a centralised and platform level facility to  develop smart factory applications, either by composing the existing building blocks (e.g. open-source applications) or by custom development of new applications. 


Data Cloud

The EFPF platform brings new user communities (and their requirements) to the federated smart and connected factory ecosystem. The project organises an open call for experimentation (in 2020), not only aimed at individuals (researchers, students, tool developers etc.), SMEs and large industry, but also towards digitisation hubs and other European platform initiatives.  A well-defined plan for large scale experimentation will elaborate the key offerings and the support features available for open experimentation. 

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