Partner Stories

The EFPF funded sub-projects are highly interdisciplinary and transnational. It consists of 20 sub-projects that were selected through an open-call competition in the first half of 2021. See what they have to say about the EFPF Platform and their funded sub-projects.

Sappi & Scailable

Sappi is the leading European producer of paper and packaging. This sub-project demonstrates the value of deploying AI “on the edge” in Industrial IoT through the validation of anomoly detection models using the Scailable platform. The project aims to leverage EFPF data analytic solutions for quicker detection of sensor failures. This can help Sappi save costs due to machines downtime through more timely maintenance operations.

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Artificial Intelligence Talentum

AI Talentum is an Innovation and Development Laboratory focused on AI algorithms for predictive models. The sub project provides a tool that allows factories to calculate carbon and water footprints, while integrating this into the EFPF Platform. This helps EFPF to improve its offering with an increased focus on sustainability aspects, while also increasing market and community presence within the I4.0 domain for AI Talentum.

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Pressious Arvanitidis

Pressious Arvanitidis is the largest offset printing company in Greece aiming to provide printing service to domestic and international markets. The sub project tests and validates a range of tools and services from the EFPF Platform, within a real-world factory environment. This helps EFPF to validate the tools and services offered, but also allows Pressious Arvantidis to assess EFPF for potential adoption in the future.

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