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Sub-Project Type: 2

Sub-projects for validation and/or testing of EFPF platform and services in digital manufacturing domains


Digitanimal aims to bring EFPF technology to digitalize direct sales of livestock products, aligned with the "Farm to Fork" strategy, through the development of a platform between all agents. Producers will monitor in real-time their stock and consumer purchases, allowing a more efficient meat production chain (energy consumption and food waste). This sub-project will pilot direct sales, providing consumers with real information and offering a new service to farmers and processing meat industries.

The main objective of the sub-project is to digitise the production chain of product processing in order to minimise food waste, to make the production chain more transparent and to optimise the production processes of the actors in the production chain. Although the solution is extensible to any production system in the meat industry, in order to facilitate the demonstration of the solution, the development will focus on the production chain "From farm to Fork" in which there are fewer agents involved (producers, processors, consumers).

Although it is a niche market, there is a growing trend driven by European consumers, by the European Commission, and by the COVID crisis that is enabling the growth of a new farm-to-consumer industry. This new industry bases its business on digitalization, however the processes that are executed once a sale is made are non- digital, leading to high inefficiencies and food waste.


The specific objectives of the sub-project are:

  • Development of a SW solution that, using EFPF platform modules, allows the digitalisation of the production process of meat products from the moment the animal leaves the farm

  • Thanks to this solution, food waste will be reduced, farmers will improve their profits, processors will reduce inefficiencies and waste of time, and consumers will have more accurate information about the product purchased

  • To carry out a demonstrator within the EFPF project involving all the agents in the "From farm to Fork" production chain, including consumers

  • Develop a business model that will allow commercialisation once the EFPF project is completed

To find more information about the Digitanimal project, the presentation slides can be downloaded here, and seen to the right. Alongside this, the Open Call Story, and Exhibition Pitch videos can be seen below.

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