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Atlantis Engineering

Sub-Project Type: 1

Sub-projects for the development of digital manufacturing applications and services for the EFPF platform


ATLANTIS is an SME offering services and bespoke products to the manufacturing industry supporting clients in understanding the smart manufacturing route towards Industry 4.0 and in obtaining a holistic view of their plant performance. The XAI-FS sub-project aims at designing and implementing a solution that combines detection and prediction maintenance models within an intelligent fusion engine in order to:


  • Achieve more accurate fault prediction/ detection outputs

  • Improve the understandability of operators on AI-based predictive maintenance solutions 

Cornerstone of the solution is its inherited capacity to provide explainable AI capabilities, starting from the first step of data acquisition up to the final step of the combined result computation, so that the user understands and controls (optionally) the process through an interactive interface; thus, enhancing his/her trust to the solution and the result.

Main objectives of the sub-project are: 

  1. To develop the XAI-FS solution and integrate it on the EFPF platform

  2. To demonstrate seamless integration of the solution with the EFPF predictive maintenance services

  3. To technically evaluate and assess the performance of the XAI-FS solution following a methodology that is aligned with the validation    framework of the EFPF project

  4. To build a business plan with focus on sustainability. 

To find more information about the XAI-FS project, the presentation slides can be downloaded here, and seen to the right. Alongside this, the Open Call Story, and Exhibition Pitch videos can be seen below.

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