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Artificial Intelligence Talentum

Sub-Project Type: 3

Sub-projects to improve the EFPF ecosystem by connecting multiple stakeholders through innovative solutions


GHG emissions from human activities are the main driver of global warming. Moreover, water stress and the risk of water scarcity is now a common concern. Companies are aware about the need to reduce emissions and water footprint and need tools to help them achieve a zero-emission objective, or at least reduce it as much as possible. Our platform GoGreen calculates, simulates and predicts emissions of industrial processes to reduce carbon and water footprint. This will allow defining and implementing corrective actions to improve the environmental impact indicators.

Carbon emissions are the primary driver of global climate change and one of the world’s most pressing challenges. In addition, water is an important resource in many production processes, and the reduction of the water footprint is as urgent as of the carbon one. It is crucial that companies start being aware of their contribution to reduce their carbon and water footprint and building decarbonisation plans to reduce them. In order to ease this task for companies, there are two main objectives within the sub-project:

  • Give factories a reliable tool to calculate the carbon and water footprint. It will help them better structure and define their decarbonisation plans.

  • To integrate the tool with EFPF so it meets standard characteristics of European directives.

From business perspective, the goals are:

  • To expand our products’ portfolio

  • To enter the European market through the EFPF marketplace.

To find more information about the GoGreen project, the presentation slides can be downloaded here, and seen to the right. Alongside this, the Open Call Story, and Exhibition Pitch videos can be seen below.

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