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EBusiness Expert

Sub-Project Type: 3

Sub-projects to improve the EFPF ecosystem by connecting multiple stakeholders through innovative solutions


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is widely used in collaborative networks to exchange structured data (ebusiness documents) in a standardised way between collaborating partners in a supply-chain. eBin is an established cloud-based platform that enables companies to manage (exchange, track, store, audit) invoices. The proposed project will integrate an eBin service with distributed workflowmanagement system (WASP) in the EFPF federation to support B2B processes, where document exchange (e.g. invoicing) is an integral part. The integrated system will reduce costs, increase document processing speed, eliminate communication errors, and improve relationships among business partners.

Effective management of business documents is a necessity for companies in any sector. This is crucial in collaborative business/supply networks where partners exchange a large number of documents on a daily basis. Validation and management of invoices is needed not only to satisfy companies' administrative but also EU regulatory requirements. eBin is a Cloud-based platform destined to currently 100+ companies, developed to facilitate the management, exchange and auditing of e-invoices using well established EDI standards (e.g. EDIFACT and XML standards). Currently, eBin automates the exchange of invoices using several tasks coordinated using a predefined AWS workflow. This sub-project will allow eBin workflows to be defined and executed using an EFPF workflow platform (WASP). This will enable existing eBin users to:


  • Design and execute B2B processes, involving multiple activities, using WASP

  • Integrate eBin functionality in WASP processes to enabling send/receive, validate, convert and archive invoices

To find more information about the ebWASP project, the presentation slides can be downloaded here, and seen to the right. Alongside this, the Open Call Story, and Exhibition Pitch videos can be seen below.

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