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Future Intelligence

Sub-Project Type: 1

Sub-projects for the development of digital manufacturing applications and services for the EFPF platform


This sub-project propose a new EFPF service, as an extension to the Catalogue Service, named the Digital Scrap Item Catalogue Service, including a classification algorithm and user web interface. EFPF provides an appropriate ecosystem for the matching of products to consumers, as well as disposal of waste. However, scrap items (defective products, old inventory, scraps, and end-of-life manufacturing components) are not taken into account, and therefore not properly utilised. The sub-project will focus on this category of items to cover the gap, by providing the new service, specifically dedicated to scrap items destination determination.

The sub-project aims to address and conform to the Circular Economy paradigm, offering an EFPF service which will allow a manufacturer to find a suitable destination of their Scrap Items (SI). Scrap items here are defined as the following materials:

  • Defective products

  • Old inventory

  • Scrap material

  • Old/defective components (from the manufacturing process equipment)


The objective is to find an appropriate destination for the SIs (reuse, refurbish, recycle, or safe disposed). The decision about the SI’s potential destination will be determined by our innovative algorithm, making use of the relevant EFPF services and solutions to facilitate towards that. Once determined, the SI will be matched to the most suitable consumer.


The sub-project objectives can be summarized as :

  • Contribute towards the next generation of manufacturing systems with respect to reuse of old, defective, waste materials and equipment in End of Life

  • Contribute towards new services for the EFPF federation. Offering an attractive motive for new customers


Conform to relevant standards both with respect to technical offerings and handling of materials

To find more information about the ReScrapIt project, the presentation slides can be downloaded here, and seen to the right. Alongside this, the Open Call Story, and Exhibition Pitch videos can be seen below.

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