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Sub-Project Type: 1

Sub-projects for the development of digital manufacturing applications and services for the EFPF platform


This sub-project called DAWN aims to create an Intelligent Welding Quality Monitoring and Assessment System implemented as a shared service of the EFPF platform. The data-driven intelligent system will be focused on steel arc welding processes, specifically in the well stablished MAG (i.e. metal-inert gas) processes, which are used in several industrial sectors. Automated system will enable advanced welding process data visualization, main process data analysis and process modelling. Process model will be developed on the basis of the correlation between main welding process parameters behaviour and weld bead geometric characteristics, i.e. external quality of the weld bead. International Standards will be considered during development phase and also to validate the system.


DAWN is underpinned by EFPF ecosystem. In particular, by four main components: EFPF Data Spine as the core of the system, EFPF secure data
storage, EFPF security portal, and EFPF anomaly detection module.

Welding is an enabling technology that plays a critical role in almost every industrial sector around the world.  Weld quality assurance is a key aspect to ensure overall product quality and suitability of a component for an intended application in most industrial sectors. In today’s production environment, stringent weld quality requirements have to be fulfilled as part of zero manufacturing defects strategies. Besides, weld performance and weld integrity are critical for reducing rework costs, for maintaining project safety and for ensuring overall product quality.
Nowadays, welding quality is evaluated after the welding process is finished by destructive and non-destructive techniques to ensure compliance with standards and specifications. These operations are time and cost consuming and performed manually (human dependency), leading to repeatability and reproducibility limitations

In this context, the main objective of DAWN is to develop an intelligent weld quality monitoring and evaluation data-driven system for fusion-welded steel parts to overcome current limitations of the industry and boost zero-defect manufacturing.


Technical objectives to achieve are to develop:

  • A real-time process data acquisition using IIoT

  • An advanced platform for process data visualization and for main process parameters analysis

  • Data analytics and process modelling functionalities in the system in order to correlate main welding process parameters (i.e. current, voltage, wire feed speed) with the external quality of the weld, i.e. geometric characteristics of the weld bead (e.g. height, width, contact angle)

To find more information about the DAWN project, the presentation slides can be downloaded here, and seen to the right. Alongside this, the Open Call Story, and Exhibition Pitch videos can be seen below.

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