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EFPF Data Spine


The EFPF Data Spine is the interoperability backbone of the EFPF federation that interlinks and establishes interoperability between the services of different platforms.


It is essentially a collection of components that work together to form an integration, interoperability and communications layer for the EFPF federation.

Establish connectivity between distributed systems and services


Connect tools, systems and services at the level of processes, protocol and data model. The EFPF Data Spine is composed of a set of open-source solutions, which makes it easily accessible and usable for a variety of needs. Whether it is about single sign-on, data harmonisation, secure API access ... Data Spine is the solution

Achieve interoperability between different data models

The EFPF Data Spine provides an extensible and scalable solution to bridge the interoperability gap at protocol and data model level, between heterogeneous services. Data transformation and integrations are supported between communication protocols and data models that are widely used in the industry

Connecting Services within the Federated EFPF Platform

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EFPF is a federation of digital manufacturing platforms as well as tools and services that are provided by different providers. The Data Spine supports single sign-on based access to all federated tools and services in the EFPF federation. To enable interactions between different tools and services in the EFPF federation, the Data Spine supports communication and interoperability at the level of protocols, data model and security. 

The different components of the Data Spine can be used on as needed basis to support different integration scenarios. With the base technology stack established and validated within the EFPF federation, the Data Spine is available for experimentation and utilisation in diverse industrial scenarios.   


​Data Spine Solutions


Integration Flow Engine

The Integration Flow Engine component is a Apache NiFi based dataflow system that provides a platform to design integration flows that bridge the interoperability gaps at protocol level and data model level, between the heterogeneous services communicating through the Data Spine. The Integration flows have ‘Protocol Connector’ that address the issue of interlinking the services that use heterogeneous communication protocols. Moreover, the integration flows provide ‘Data Transformer’  functionality that provide means for transforming between data models and message formats, etc

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