European Connected Factory Platform for Agile Manufacturing

EFPF is a federated smart factory ecosystem and a digital platform that interlinks different stakeholders of the digital manufacturing domain. The EFPF platform enable users to utilise innovative functionalities, experiment with disruptive approaches and develop custom solutions to maximise connectivity, interoperability and efficiency across the supply chains.

Digital social media
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EFPF Value Proposition

Enhanced Collaborations

EFPF enables you to collaborate with manufacturing companies in diverse industrial domains e.g. aerospace, furniture, waste management etc.

European Connected Factory Platform for Agile Manufacturing (EFPF) is not related with eF@ctory(TM), which is a trademark owned by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

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Open Call Winners
Open Call Winners

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Pre-project Meeting
Pre-project Meeting

Informal meeting of EFPF partners at ICT2018

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EFPF Platform 

EFPF is a federated digital platform that offers innovation solutions from Industry4.0, IoT, AI, Big Data and Digital Manufacturing domains. At the core of EFPF is an interoperable 'Data Spine' that provide open interfaces to support the integration of distributed systems and platforms with their  toolset and services.


European Factory Foundation

EFF is a legally independent non-profit organisation mandated by the EFPF project to effectively manage and promote the EFPF platform. EFF focuses on facilitating stakeholder collaborations as well as promotion of an open and sustainable ecosystem around the EFPF 'Data Spine'. 

Latest News


EC's Innovtion Radar Recognises the EFPF federated platform as Business Ready

Users of Digital Manufacturing Solutions?

The following represent the key offerings:

  • Access to interoperable tools and services.

  • Opportunity to leverage and build-upon open-source solutions.

  • Testing and validation of new solutions. 

  • New business opportunities through visibility and participation in the ecosystem.

  • Knowledge-exchange and sharing of ideas.

  • Be part of a community that is interested in collaborations.