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Workshop on Pathways to Digitalisation of Manufacturing and Associated Use-Cases

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24 March 2021

The workshop on “Pathways to Digitalisation of Manufacturing and Associated Use-Cases” provided an opportunity to discuss some particular use-cases being developed in various EC funded projects and how these cases relate to specific ‘levels’ or ‘milestones’ within a particular perspective of the Circular Economy pathway developed with EFFRA. The discussions focused on the maturity of the developments and if there the levels make sense and more cases can be mapped to the pathways

Event Impact

This workshop provided an opportunity to showcase some of the Circular Economy related solutions being developed in the EFPF project. These solutions provide technology support for a range of critical (CE related) activities in the manufacturing domain, such as track and trace materials, waste monitoring, secure data exchange, predictive maintenance, anomaly detection etc. The EFPF presentation serve the purpose of not only raising awareness of project outcomes but also gathering feedback and collaboration opportunities from similar initiatives.

Event Description

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