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Pan-Hellenic Conference on Informatics, Cyprus

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28-30 November 2019

This conference provides a unique opportunity for presenting methodological approaches to describe, explain, predict, and design information and communication models, architectures, and systems for the business environment. The audience consisted of scientists, experts and professionals in computer science and the emerging fields of informatics. eFactory was represented in this conference by partner CERTH, who presented the project to the participating researchers and industrial experts.

Event Impact

An EFPF presentation was given in this conference on the topic of 'Transforming the supply-chain management and industry logistics with blockchain smart contracts'. This presentation highlighted a very interesting pilot in the eFactory project, which is in reference to a Circular Economy scenario. Based on this presentation the project represetnatives engaged in several discussions with experts on supply chain and blockchain technologies. The presentation and follow up discussions served the purpose of dissemination, knowledge exchange and development of potential collaboration opportunities.

Event Description

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