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10 March 2022

As part of opening the EFPF platform for research and experimentation, the project is organizing a ecosystem catalyzer programme that comprises a series of events which culminates with a Hackathon in June 2022, where researchers, students, startups and SMEs are invited to test, validate, and develop EFPF platform including the tools, services, and infrastructure (e.g., the Data Spine elements). The launch event for that programme was organized at the FISTA event in Lisbon by partners CMS and ICE.

Event Impact

The EFPF booth and presentation at the FISTA event created the opportunity to disseminate the project outcomes and raise awareness about Industry4.0 and advance digital manufacturing solutions among students and researchers. The event was also part of the recruitment drive of the EFPF project, to attract more participation in the upcoming Hackathon.

Event Description

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