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EFF and Agile4.0 Cluster Event

Event Partner:


07 April 2022

A joint event between EFF and Agile4.0 Cluster was hosted by EFPF partner CERTH in Thessaloniki. The event brought together members of both initiatives to discuss digital manufacturing scenarios, common needs, available solutions and experiences with advance technology offerings in the digital manufacturing domain. The event involved introductory presentations from both initiatives following by networking session, allowing the participants to exchange knowledge and collaboration opportunities.

Event Impact

The joint event of EFF and Agile4.0 cluster provided a good opportunity to expand the reach and network for both initiatives grounded in common goal and objectives. The discussions in the event also focused on sustainability aspects, especially on establishing synergies for mutual benefits and extended cooperation ranging from knowledge exchange to technology reuse and new business models. Both initiatives pledge to carryon with this collaborative spirit, extend the invitations to each other’s events and create more opportunities for knowledge change in the future.

Event Description

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