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IEEE WF on IoT: Hurdles, Challenges, and Opportunities of IoT Moving Towards 6G

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The scope of this Industrial Forum session was to address and discuss how to leverage on some recent results coming out of collaborative research funded projects (5GENESIS, CHARIOT, EFPF, ERATHOSTHENES, EU-IoT, InSecTT, Safety4Rails, SecureIoT, SHAPES, SymbIoTe, TSNWiFi) and participating companies, as well as having an open conversation on how to remove some important hurdles that slow-down, and even sometimes stop, an effective deployment of innovative IoT systems, moving towards 6G.
EFPF participated also with a demo of its factory connector TSMatch.

Event Impact

The different speeches and demos highlighted different aspects of some main hurdles in IoT deployments and which are the proposed solutions and workarounds to overcome or mitigate them.

Event Description

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