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IDSA Winter Day, Paris

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03-05 December 2019

The winter days event provided insights in projects adopting IDS concepts at national and European level. The event included presentations on use cases and concrete applications as well as interactive sessions and networking sessions. The event provided a good opportunitity to discuss innovative, data-driven business models based on the application of IDS concept for data sovereignty and secure data ecosystems. eFactory was presented by partner CERTH in this event.

Event Impact

Almost 200 participants attended the 2nd IDSA Winter Days in Paris. Participants included Technical Managers, R&D managers, Developers, SMEs, Business Consultants, CEOs, CIOs, COOs and CTOs from industrial and software sectors, Academics, Researchers and EC representatives. The presentation of eFactory focused on the Circular Economy Scenario where secure data exchange is needed between multiple companies for smart waste management. The eFactory scenario was introduced alongside with the mapping of use case architecture with the IDS reference architecture. This event provided an opportunitity to highlight the integration of IDSA concepts in eFactory and the utilization of IDSA Connector in the eFactory ecosystem.

Event Description

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