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FoF Community Days, Brussels

Event Partner:


22-23 May 2019

The two-day event organised by the European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA) included brokerage sessions to bring together different stakeholders of the digital manufacturing domain. This was complemented by parallel sessions focussing on the project results, demonstrators and their impact, covering a broad spectrum of technologies and applications. eFactory was presented as one of the large scale funded project that can influence various aspects in the manufacturing sector.

Event Impact

More than 120 participants were introduced to eFactory. The platform vision and development approach was presented to a largue audiance and some interesting discussions took place regarding use of tools on the platform. The event helped to promote the project among different stakeholders in the European manufacturing domain. The project manager also introduced the open-call plan and the willingness of the project to collaborate with other relevant projects. Moreover, the eFactory Foundation was introduced as an independent entity that will eventually take over the eFactory platform to carry forward the project aim and objectives beyond the project lifetime

Event Description

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