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European Big Data Vale Forum - Session on AI for Good

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04 November 2020

The panel explored the utilization of data and AI for the benefit of society in the context of the present COVID-19 pandemic. The discussion explored the practical dimensions and challenges of finding a delicate balance between urgently implementing AI technologies in critical sectors such as healthcare, transport and logistic and manufacturing and maintaining the necessary levels of protection of human rights and corporate interests prescribed by the European regulatory and legislative framework. More information at:

Event Impact

This session was attended by over 160 audience. The discussion in this session highlighted the role of AI in the manufacturing sector, which is one of the focus areas in the EFPF project. The project was represented by Gash Bhullar, CEO of the European Factory Foundation (EFF) that is an association currently composed of EFPF project partners who are interested in joint exploitation of the EFPF platform.

Event Description

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