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EU-IoT/EFPF Hackathon: Mobile, Sustainable, IoT Solutions, June 2022

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27-29 June 2022

On 27-29 June 2022, EU-IoT organised the EU-IoT/EFPF Hackathon, co-located with the 12th CONASENSE symposium. The Hackathon focused on mobile sustainable IoT solutions and brought together more than 140 registered participants from all across the world.
As a result of the two-day hackathon, 15 teams were selected for pitching, with the presentation of innovative ideas for mobile sustainable IoT solutions in several domains: IoT Interfaces (Augmented Reality Interfaces based on the Smart Mirror concept), Far Edge (Sustainable IoT via TinyML), Near Edge (Sustainable MEC applications), Infrastructure (Simulating Time-sensitive and Deterministic networking IoT applications), Data Spaces (Sustainable, user-centric smart mobility), and European Factory Platform (IoT services for Manufacturing).
See the 3 winning teams.

Event Impact

The overall reach of the Hackathon in the context of the EFPF community catalyzer programme lead to a registered participation of over 100 elements over 10 countries worldwide. Out of the potential candidates, the experimentation carried out in the Hackathon, based on the challenges proposed by partners, counted with an initial set of 31 teams, of which the final formation considered 13 teams.
Overall, the EFPF Catalyzer programme attained the proposed goals namely, to enrich the EFPF community via the experimentation supported by students, researchers, and overall research community.

Event Description

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