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EFPF Open Call Exhibition

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27-28 September 2022

To support the EFPF platform through feedback and validation, the EFPF project held an open call for proposals to validate, enhance, or extend the offerings of the EFPF platform. In this phase of the project, 20 sub projects were selected for funding. The Open call phase concluded with the Open Call Pitch Exhibition event in which each funded sub project presented and demonstrated the results they have produced throughout the duration of the project. The event was held by Austrian Standards Institute in Vienna over the 27th and 28th of September 2022. The event was organised as a physical event in which all project and open call partners were invited to attend, but also setup as a hybrid event to accommodate remote participants.

Event Impact

Over the course of the two day event, all open call projects presented and demonstrated they're project results. Alongside this, each sub project setup an exhibition stand to allow for the project results to be further discussed and reviewed in an open manner. While the event was setup in a hybrid way, the open call pitch exhibition was also live streamed on YouTube with the stream recording also made available on the streaming platform. Through the detailed documentation and recording of the event, this has allowed the EFPF project to disseminate the project outcome and raise awareness of EFPF Platform, its components, and what could be achieved through the use of the EFPF Platform. To gain further insight into the Open Call Pitch Exhibition, the pitch recordings of each sub-project can be accessed here:

Event Description

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