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EFPF Final Event - Brussels

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23-24 November 2022

The EFPF Final event was held on 23rd - 24th November 2022, at the BluePoint Building in Brussels and took place within the Connected Factories Coordination and Support Action final event, organised and hosted by EFFRA. The first block of the event looked at the transition from Connected Factories 1 to Connected Factories 2 pathways with a focus on highlighting an insufficient engagement from companies within data spaces, while also looking at cross cutting aspect such as interoperability, standardisation and business aspects. The second block of the event then focused on presentations of the demonstrators, key findings, and challenges from each of the six projects that were granted as part of the Digital manufacturing platforms from connected factories project cluster. Namely, EFPF, ZDMP, QU4LITY, KYKLOS 4.0, DigiPrime, and SHOP4CF.

Event Impact

With regards to EFPF, the project first presented its Data Spine as an enabler of digital ecosystems, with implementations then demonstrated though the presentation of both the pilot scenarios used and the results of the pilots that ran in three key areas; Furniture Manufacturing, Circular Economies, and Aerospace Supply Chain Manufacturing. In addition, the project also provided a virtual tour of the EFPF Portal and federated Marketplace, and presented its activities and results in the areas of Standardisation, Business Models and Sustainability. The event then concluded with a presentation on the open call results and lessons learnt. The in-person knowledge sharing and networking event was attended by around 100 attended and provided EFPF with the opportunity to disseminate results and achievements made in the project. This was presented with a focus on the importance of collaborations and connecting different stakeholders of digital manufacturing under federated smart factory ecosystem.

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