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DMP Cluster Meeting on Standardisation

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12 November 2020

The Digital Manufacturing Platforms (DMP) cluster is composed of 6 projects funded by the EU through the DT-ICT-07 calls in 2018 and 2019. The DMP cluster is pursuing joint activities in a number of areas (platform interoperability, dissemination, business models, standardisation etc) to synchronise the related activities taking place in different projects. The standardisation event organised by the DMP cluster on the 12th of Nov provided an opportunity to review and discuss the standardisation activities taking place across different projects.

Event Impact

The DMP cluster meeting provided an opportunity to discuss the status of several CWA initiatives taken by the projects, including the EFPF CWA initiative that focuses on Platform Interoperability. In summary the EFPF CWA touches upon:
• Reference architecture for federating manufacturing platforms focusing on the interoperability on
o Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
o Protocol
o Security and
o Data Model level.
• Reference implementation in the form of the EFPF Data Spine and associated components
• Promotion of best practices
With the CWA initiative, the EFPF project takes a step towards achieve one of its key objectives about the contribution towards standards. More news about the CWA will be available through the project website in the coming days

Event Description

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