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DMP Cluster Meeting

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02-03 December 2020

The Digital Manufacturing Platforms (DMP) cluster is composed of 6 projects funded by the EU through the DT-ICT-07 calls in 2018 and 2019. The DMP cluster is pursuing joint activities in a number of areas (platform interoperability, dissemination, business models, standardisation etc) to synchronise the related activities taking place in different projects. The DMP cluster meeting on the 02 of December 2020 focused on the data space pathway and the challenges, success stories and opportunities that exist in this pathway. The meeting also provided an opportunity to discuss the latest AI developments as well as the recent activities concerning open-funding-calls and the ongoing work on platform interoperability.

Event Impact

The EFPF representatives presented the €2.5 million funding call to the meeting participants. In this respect, the meeting provided an opportunity to promote the open call and the innovation and experimentation opportunities provided by the EFPF platform. In addition, a dedicated session focused on highlighting the Platform Interoperability solution (namely Data Spine) developed in the EFPF project. The Data Spine is an open and modular solution that support supports communication and interoperability at the level of protocols, data model and security. Finally, EFPF’s contribution towards further elaboration of interoperability approaches (at vertical or within the factory and horizontal or amongst silos) were presented. This activity is being pursued in collaboration with the Connected Factories 2 CSA representatives.

Event Description

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