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Boosting Innovation Through Standards Conference, Brussels

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13 November 2019

CEN and CENELEC are the leading European standards organisations. These two organisation organised this conference for researchers, technologists and innovators to show how standards support the scaling of research and innovation in different markets. eFactory teamed up with the other projects in the DMP (Digital Manufacturing Platforms) cluster to organised a shared booth where the project was represented by partners ASI and HAW.

Event Impact

Small exhibition stands were organised that enabled the exchange with the participants on the fringes of the conference. This allowed the project representatives to enage with the conference participants. The project partners engaged in discussions about opportunities for using eFactory platfporm outside of Europe with companies from Asia (China, India) and Saudi Arabia. Moreover, the project partners learned a great deal about on going standardisation activities and how eFactory can either Benefit or contribute towards them. This event also served as a successful clustering activity in the DMP cluster.

Event Description

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