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AIRTECH2020 Trade Fair

Event Partner:


12-14 October 2020

AIRTEC is the international B2B trade fair for aerospace and mobility concepts in the broader sense. Its unique concept is based on providing opportunities for B2B meetings and a platform for politics, science and industry. The AIRTECH2020 event was held at the high-tech location of Munich, where more than 30 nations participated. AIRTEC links aerospace with the automotive industry, and combines conventional aviation with future topics such as urban air mobility, unmanned aerial vehicles and climate-neutral mobility. The use of digital technologies and collaboration solution is needed in all of these domains, hence AIRTEC provides a suitable platform to showcase the latest digital solutions.

Event Impact

EFPF was represented by the partner Hanse-Aerospace in the AIRTECH2020 event. The 2-day event provided an opportunity to showcase some of the digitalisation, matchmaking and collaboration solutions provided by the EFPF platform. The event also served as a vital venue to meet potential business partners in face-2-face settings. According to the participants, video conferences help you for a while, but real business is only possible by meeting your business partners in face 2 face.

Event Description

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