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Trade Fair Aircraft Interiors Expo 2019, Hamburg

Event Partner:


02-04 April 2019

EFPF was presented in the world largest exhibition for aircraft interiors. Participation in this prestigious event was used to discuss the digital manufacturing (and particularly lot-size-one manufacturing) requirements of the aerospace companies.

Event Impact

Over 600 exhibitors attended the AIX event. Along side eFactory, the offerings of more than 90 member companies of the Hanse-Aerospace association were exhibited at the HAW booth. The event was attended by more than 18,000 visitors, making it a very interesting opportunity to disseminate the eFactory project. The project partners engaged in many insightful discussions with the target users of the eFactory platform. The feedback from various consultations and the domain knowledge gathered from the event provided valueable contribution towards the design and development activities in the eFactory project.

Event Description

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