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2nd IDSA Summit 2019, Bonn

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25-26 June 2019

The International Data Spaces Association focuses on designing a trustworthy architecture for the data economy. The IDSA is developing a common architecture and rules for secure data exchange and data governance. The 2nd IDSA Summit showcased the latest developments in the IDSA architecture and toolkit. The event also provided an opportunity to showcase some of the use-cases and early adoption scenarios of the IDSA tools. eFactory was represented by partners ICE and CERTH who engaged in several discussions around the joint interest in establishing digital and data-centric ecosystems.

Event Impact

The IDSA summit was attended by over 300 visitors. The summit composed of 39 sessions, 18 use case pitches and lectures held by well-known speakers. The IDSA is working towards creating a data ecosystem in Europe and therefore shares a common vision with eFactory that is also developing a federated platform and ecosystem around digital manufacturing solutions. The 2nd IDSA summit was attended by eFactory partenr ICE and CERTH, the later is a member of IDSA and is implementing IDSA connector for secure data exchange in one of eFactory pilots. The event was used to raise awareiness about the two initiatives and identify potential opportunities for collaboration

Event Description

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