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Working Environment Monitoring 

Monitor aspects such as are air quality, energy consumption, space utilization, safety, and comfort in various working environment. 

Real-time work environment monitoring

Make the working environment safer and more supportive for the employees through the monitoring of various environmental parameters that impact on the employee health and productivity. The use of IoT technology provides real-time monitoring and alerting functionality, allowing companies to provide and maintain safer work places.

Work environment space management

Manage the utilisation of available resources and management of working spaces to provide an improved experience for the workforce. The combination of IoT and smart factory technologies allow the design and development of powerful digital solutions that can bring improvements at the shop-floors of manufacturing companies. 

Environment Monitoring Solutions in the EFPF Ecosystem


Allied Maintenance, a manufacturing SME in the aerospace sector, is interested in the work environment monitoring solution to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their employees. The solutions designed for AAM monitors the indoor environmental aspects at AAM shop-floor, including the air quality, temperature, and employee presence at certain areas on the shop-floor. This monitoring can allow AAM to adjust the environmental conditions and employee movements in a way that ensures the safety of the employees and optimum productivity. The analysis of gathered data can also allow AAM to analyse the correlation between the environmental and production related parameters, such as quality and throughput of products. 

Environment Monitoring Solutions

Edge-based Thing to Service Matching gateway 

The Service Matching Gateway is an edge computing solution that allows users as well as external services to specify and gather the information they need from various places in the shop-floor. Based on the specifications, the solution can be integrated with any available IoT devices and front-end applications. It has the capability to fuse different types of IoT device data to deliver the integrated information. 

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