Software Development Toolkit

The Software Development Kit (SDK) is a suite of development tools to foster the creation of EFPF applications (vApps). The SDK enables the development of new or composite applications that combinethe existing functioanlities in the EFPF federation

Reduced reaction time to  develop smart apps


The Software Development Kit’s vision is simple and clear. It aims to empower the manufacturing industry providing it the means, services and tools to build and develop applications that take advantage of the EFPF ecosystem, interlinking a centralised access to its core services and features.

Build upon existing solution and innovative services

EFPF offers a number of services that can be used as building blocks in the development new solutions. From advance data analytic solutions to connectivity, interoperability and data brokerage, there are many solutions that can be utilised in a composite application developed using the EFPF SDK. 

SDK in the EFPF Ecosystem

Computer Programming

KLEEMANN is one of the largest lift manufacturers in the world. KLEEMANN is using the EFPF data analytics services to carry out predictive maintenance of the polishing machines on their shop-floor. The predictive maintenance service makes use of the data that is extracted from the polishing machines through EFPF Factory Connectors. The machine data is analysed in real-time by the analytic service using a custom vibration diagnosis profile algorithm. Based on the real-time analytics, the analytic service provides health status of the machines and early warnings or alerts of any anomalies or potential malfunctions. Any alerts are delivered to the production managers who can organise inspections and maintenance operations. The ability to get early warnings allow KLEEMANN to better plan their production activities and keep their assets in service for as long as possible. 

Computer Programming

SDK Solutions



The EFPF SDK Studio is a fully featured Integrated Development Environment (IDE) based on the best-of-breed platform Eclipse CHE. The Studio allows the integration of several tools and UIs such as the Process Designer, FrontEnd editor and other EFPF services and tools. The purpose of the Studio is to be a complete IDE including code editor with syntax highlighting, compiler, builder and debugger. The entire studio is fully web-based and accessible through a Docker-based environment.

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