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Software Development Toolkit

The Software Development Kit (SDK) is a suite of development tools to foster the creation of EFPF applications (vApps). The SDK enables the development of new or composite applications that combinethe existing functioanlities in the EFPF federation

Reduced reaction time to  develop smart apps


The Software Development Kit’s vision is simple and clear. It aims to empower the manufacturing industry providing it the means, services and tools to build and develop applications that take advantage of the EFPF ecosystem, interlinking a centralised access to its core services and features.

Build upon existing solution and innovative services

EFPF offers a number of services that can be used as building blocks in the development new solutions. From advance data analytic solutions to connectivity, interoperability and data brokerage, there are many solutions that can be utilised in a composite application developed using the EFPF SDK. 

SDK in the EFPF Ecosystem

Computer Programming

Condition monitoring and alerting is a common need in the manufacturing domain. These solution rely on real-time gathering and processing of data from shop-floor assets to provide timely information about the health of the assets and status of production activities. The EFPF SDK allows the development of such applications with much ease. For example, a demo application developed in EFPF gathers sensor (temperature and humidity) data using NodeRed. The data is sent through EFPF Broker, in the SensorThing observation format, to the FROST SensorThing server. The UI of the application, developed using the FrontEnd Editor, visualises the temperature and humidity data in realtime. The whole application is developed and executed in no time through the SDK tools. Different types of analytic operations can be performed or integrated in between this workflow. Once developed, it can be published directly on the EFPF Marketplace.

Computer Programming

SDK Solutions


EFPF Studio

The EFPF SDK Studio is a fully featured Integrated Development Environment (IDE) . The Studio allows the seamless development of software applications through a GUI. This IDE includes functionalities such as a code editor with drag and drop of elements, build automation, code completion, a compiler, a debugger and a testing environment. The holistic UI supports developers to integrate and orchestrate services, APIs and connected developed in EFPF. The users are supported by step-by-step procedures for the entire development process, including the registration of application on EFPF Marketplace.

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