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Product Catalogue Service

Create, manage and share digital catalogues of products and services to allow access to a wide range of potential supply-chain partners in the ecosystem. By doing so, businesses can promote their offerings among different audiences and create new opportunities for selling products and services.

Expand the customer reach


Create and publish digital catalogues that list your product and service offerings. Share catalogues with existing and new supply chain partners to boost the visibility of your offerings among wider audience. Use product catalogues to trade and create new opportunities for selling products and services.

Improve end-to-end business integration

Make your customers aware of new offerings by giving them 24/7 access to your digital catalogues and enable them to purchase products and services with integrated ordering functionality. Simple ordering functionality helps increase the business visibility, the number of order and improves customer satisfaction.

Product Catalogue Service in the EFPF Ecosystem


Many companies are making use of the Product Catalogue Service to organise and advertise their products and services. Hanse-Aerospace, a sector leader in aerospace industry, and associated member companies are interested in Product Catalogue Service to exchange information about latest products and services with potential supply-chain partners. The use of digital product catalogues can allow Hanse-Aerospace and member companies to manage their inventory in an efficient way and expand their customer reach even further by sharing special catalogues with a respective customer segment. The product catalogue service is currently tuned to the needs of furniture and aerospace companies in the EFPF ecosystem. 

​Product Catalogue Service Solution

Digital Product Catalogue Service

Create and publish digital catalogues of your offerings. Products and services that can be organised into different categories to make them easily discoverable. Catalogues can be searched on the EFPF platform and also can be shared with supply-chain partners in the EFPF Ecosystem. The product catalogue service provide integrated ordering functionality to ease the transition between selection and ordering.

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