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  • Alexandros Nizamis

Summary of Outcomes from EFPF Large Scale Experimentation

The EC funded EFPF project had allocated €2.5 Million to provide Financial Support to third parties to undertake up to 20 sub-projects focusing on enriching the EFPF federation by:

  • Creating new applications that use or work with EFPF solutions

  • Testing / validating EFPF platform and services

  • Integrating new platforms or services with EFPF

The open call activity ran for a 4 month period and after a rigorous review process, 20 experiments had been selected out of 125 final applications coming from 25 EU countries. The 20 selected sub-projects/experiments were active for a period of 9 to 12 months and covered topics related to all core concepts of Industry 4.0, as it is depicted in the following figure:

During the experimentation period, EFPF partners was continuously monitoring and supporting the sub-projects/experiments’ activities in order to enable the successful delivery from the experimenters’ side. An advisor/mentor had been assigned to each sub-project and a dedicated support team had been established alongside a ticketing system for the experimenters’ issues.

Through these support activities and of course the experimenters’ efforts, all the sub-projects were concluded successfully and deliver a series of new applications and services to the EFPF ecosystem. All the results were presented in a final event in Vienna that was broadcasted on YouTube. Videos from the event and material from EFPF Open Call sub-projects are available online.

To sum up, the EFPF Open Call Large-scale Experimentation offered to EFPF Ecosystem:

  1. Valuable feedback for the EFPF platform & tools which led to various updates and improvements. 5 detailed Validation Reports were collected including feedback for the EFPF Data Spine, Data Analytics tools, WASP tool, Blockchain apps, SDK, TSMatch tool and Marketplace

  2. 7 new Tools/Services in EFPF Portal. These Tools/Services include solutions related to Fusion and XAI, advanced ML/AI analytics, team creation and matchmaking, production planning, cloud based invoicing system, innovative waste management etc.

  3. 8 new Applications available in EFPF Marketplace. The applications were related to PdM analytics, AR/VR and metaverse, green machining, matchmaking and contracting, quality control, production scheduling, product passport services etc.


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