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Orchestration - Workflow and Service Automation Platform

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

At EFPF we are constantly looking at ways to embrace technology and create opportunities for users to improve their performance and increase revenue potential. WASP is a platform for fast automation of processes which has been developed to drive value through direct and indirect cost reduction and improved productivity. It offers a range of functionalities that will help you to improve and automate services and processes in your organisation. WASP is available through the EFPF Portal for use online, or you can purchase a tailored setup for your own use from the solution provider - ICE.

Case study: LAGRAMA is a furniture manufacturing company in Spain. They are using WASP to get better visibility of their supply chain activities by combining automated and manual tasks. These tasks are designed in WASP, connecting web services and user interfaces to achieve real-time visibility into their supply chain. This visibility allows LAGRAMA to identify risks when executing processes and encouraging adjustments to tasks to minimise any risk impact. WASP is used as a suitable solution to provide real-time updates to customers about the status of their orders

Key Product Features

  • Service marketplace: A virtual space that can be used to publish and consume software services which can be added to processes and help with automation. Software service providers can register their services in the WASP marketplace

  • Cross Company Process visibility: Assigning people to roles and responsibilities will enable you to control who can see and action processes within your organisation

  • Connect in real-time: WASP allows you to grow your processes vertically and horizontally. Vertically by aggregating from the operational level (e.g. factory shop-floor or packaging line) through the tactical (e.g. sales and purchase departments) and up to strategic levels (eg decision making by senior management). Horizontally by exporting processes as services and allowing other organisations to incorporate them into their own processes, e.g. your supply chain. Similarly, you can add other Orchestration services to your own processes. This will enable visualisation of where in a supply chain orders are located whilst maintaining security and privacy standards

  • Manage your business rules: With WASP it’s easy to apply your business rules to roles, services, activities and processes, and automating decisions based on data about current processes. You can also be informed when conflicts arise or when delays happen

  • Live quality monitoring of processes and services: WASP can show the step-by-step execution of processes in real-time. You can visualise the quality of your processes and services through an administrative dashboard which shows parameters such as the percentage of successful executions, turnaround time, and down time and delays. For example, this can be used to generate information on overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) in the manufacturing sector


  • Design, execute, and manage processes (workflows), enabling a reduction in operational costs and increased profitability

  • Orchestrate services, machines, and other devices (IoT devices)

  • Orchestrate employees’ activities leading to improved productivity

  • Access and use a marketplace of services which will enable a strong foundation that will permit more visibility between partners

  • Streamlining the end to end supply chain enabling all different pieces of the chain to be managed in tandem

  • Publish processes as services to be added in others’ supply chains

  • Process analytics which can support the delivery of superior customer service with metrics to give visibility of the level of service being provided

How is it offered

  • Hosting. WASP is packaged in a series of containers, making it easily deployable in any Cloud environment. WASP is compatible with Kubernetes

  • Licencing. Purchasing a license enables the customer to access WASP containers for deployment in their environment of choice. More license options for specific customer needs are available on request

  • Model of Offering. Services can be made available to all WASP customers to consume, or you can register your own services to be used only in your own processes or within your organisation

Technology Stack

WASP is powered by the following technologies:

  • Liferay

  • Camunda

Further Knowledge

In system administration, orchestration is the automated configuration, coordination, and management of computer systems and software. Further information can be found using the following web addresses:

Workflow and Service Automation Platform in EFPF website:

Business Process Model and Notation website:


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