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IFED 2020 - Call for Papers

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

The Workshop on Digital Platform Ecosystems: From Interoperability to Federation (IFED 2020) will be held in conjunction with the I-ESA 2020 conference, in Tarbes, France, March 24-25, 2020.

The Workshop on Digital Platform Ecosystems: From Interoperability to Federation (IFED 2020) addresses the present interoperability challenges for digital platform ecosystems and points at a variety of interoperation solutions, e.g. semantic interoperability at the data level (decoding the meaning of data), structural interoperability (decoding the organisation of data), syntactic interoperability (converting data from a serialised representation to an internal data structure). IFED 2020 also addresses AI methods to leverage interoperation capabilities of federated platforms.

At IFED 2020, the following ongoing projects from the H2020 DT-ICT-07-2018-2019 call, will be presented: • EFPF : • ZDMP: • Qu4Lity:

In addition, IFED 2020 welcomes papers on interoperability and digital platforms designed and developed through other past and present International, European and national research projects and activities, e.g. NIMBLE (

Submission Guidelines

All submitted papers must be original and not considered elsewhere for publication. The papers should be written in English, formatted according to template that is available from here and should not be longer than 6 pages. Note that IFED 2020 proceedings will be published by ISTE/WILEY.


We are looking forward to receiving your submissions through EasyChair:


Important Dates

  • Paper submission: January 30, 2020

  • Notification date: February 05, 2020

  • Final workshop paper: March 01, 2020

  • Registration details: (register BEFORE 10-Feb-2020)

List of Topics

  • State-of-the-art and future perspectives of platform ecosystem interoperability, especially in the enterprise and industrial fields;

  • Federated architectures to support interoperability of a platform ecosystem;

  • Platform integration to ensure interoperability of a platform ecosystem;

  • AI methods for advancing interoperability of a platform ecosystem through: o automated platform collaboration (e.g. agent-, recommendation-based) o self-adaptive/-managing/-organizing etc. mechanisms for interoperability;

  • Practical experiences and lessons learned with ontologies for interoperability;

  • Interoperable cybersecurity and privacy controls;

  • Standardization efforts enabling interoperability of platforms in an ecosystem.


Program Committee

  • Alessandra Bagnato, SofteamGroup, Paris, France

  • Jose Ferreira, UNINOVA-GRIS (Group for Research on Interoperability of Systems), Portugal

  • João Sarraipa, UNINOVA-GRIS (Group for Research on Interoperability of Systems), Portugal

  • Ricardo Jardim-Gonçalves, UNINOVA-GRIS (Group for Research on Interoperability of Systems), Portugal

  • Usman Wajid, ICE, UK

  • Oscar Lazaro, Innovalia, Spain

  • Wernher Behrendt, Salzburg Research, Austria

  • Violeta Damjanovic-Behrendt, Salzburg Research, Austria

  • Maria Jose Nuñez, AIDIMME, Valencia, Spain

Organizing committee

  • Violeta Damjanovic-Behrendt

  • Ricardo Jardim-Gonçalves

  • Silvia De La Maza



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