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EFPF’s CEN/CENELC Workshop Agreement is published

Key success factors for a federated smart factory ecosystem and a digital platform that interlinks different stakeholders of the digital manufacturing domain is seamless connectivity and interoperability. Connectivity and interoperability show their full potential when they can be implemented as simple as possible. In order to support these basic requirements of the EFPF project results and to increase their market uptake, they are subject to a commonly accepted specification called CEN/CENELC Workshop Agreement (CWA). This CWA is a standardization deliverable of the two European Standardisation Organisations CEN (European Committee for Standardization) and CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization) elaborated in an open, transparent, inclusive multi-stakeholder process including an open commenting phase similar to a co-creation and open innovation process.

Next to EFPF project partner other stakeholders as well as representatives from EFPF sister projects like ZDMP participated in the development of the CWA 17907, European Connected Factory Platform for Agile Manufacturing Interoperability (EFPFInterOp).

The CWA 17907 was initiated end of 2020 with the goal, to provide a blueprint of a federated platform and describe components and functionalities that reduces the barrier to innovation by providing seamless access to services and solutions through an open platform.

The creation of a federated ecosystem of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) platforms of companies in the manufacturing domain enables companies to develop and to manage agile, ad-hoc collaborative networks, establish dynamic supply chains, and optimize production processes to meet such market demands as lot-size-one manufacturing.

In addition to the definition of a reference architecture, a specific implementation of a federated platform from the EFPF project is also described in CWA 17907. The components of this platform are illustrated in the following figure:

To ensure an easy access to the CWA, it is made publicly available for free download from the CEN-CENELC website, see


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