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EFPF 1 Year On

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

The EFPF project has passed its 1st year of 4-year life time. At the dawn of the 2nd year, in this blog we reflect on the progress and achievements made during the the last 12 months.

The EFPF project involves 30 partner organisations from 10 EU states, making it complex to manage the distributed collaborative activities taking place across parallel running tasks. The project management principles and collaboration infrastructure setup early in the project proved helpful in making progress on various fronts, from requirements, architecture, technology development and integration to dissemination, business modelling and exploitation.

In the first year, the project organised 2 plenary meetings and 1 technical meeting to provide opportunities for face to face discussions among partners. Together the partners submitted 9 deliverables to the EC describing the project vision, project management principles, standardisation plan, data management plan and also the progress on the definition of pilot requirements, architecture, platform interoperable challenges and integration planning. Moreover, a technical review meeting with the European Commission representatives was organised at month 9 of the project. The meeting allowed the project partners to present the progress to the Commission, get valuable feedback and discuss future steps.

The achievements in the first year of the project are best analysed alongside project objectives. Below we provide an overview of the project objectives and the status of predefined achievement indicators.

With the above status, it is evident that the project has come a long way since its initiation 12 months ago. With 2019 behind us, the project partners are confident of the progress so far and look forward to a very productive 2020!

Stay tuned for latest news and project updates on the project website.


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