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Open Datasets for Experimentation in the EFPF Federation

To support experimentation on the EFPF platform, the EFPF partners have provided a variety of datasets that are listed below. The use of these datasets is free and it will be subject to a clause in the contract signed with the selected (e.g. open-call winning) parties willing to use them. Further information and access to the datasets will be granted only to the selected companies.

The main objective of the EFPF open call is to to create, validate and integrate new services in the EFPF federation. To ensure the maximum freedom to the interested parties, EFPF does not prescribe what data to be used e.g. you can and should include any suitable dataset beyond this list to achieve their goals.

To get more information or to make an enquiry about the datasets, please send an email at: 


Dataset Id: #KLEVibration1

Dataset Title: Vibration sensors Data from Polishing Machine

Dataset Description: In a Lift Manufacturer’s Polishing Machine has been deployed 2 vibration sensors targeting to get real time information on the state of machine’s motors. The collected data from sensors can be used for machine’s monitoring and anomaly detection towards a predictive maintenance solution. The sensor consists of a feather ESP32 SoC board, which provides the micro-controller unit and WiFi connectivity, and a Lis3DH3 axis Mems accelerometer. As soon as the motors are operating, the sensors are activated and send continuously vibration samplings over WiFi. The samplings are received through MQTT and they are been processed as time series of accelerations in 3-axis. The time-stamps between two successive sampling windows, which last 1 second each, are 1.5 –2.5 seconds apart, depending on the quality of wireless communication. Sensitivity of the sensor is 0.038 m/s2 or 3.87 mg at 1344 kHz sampling rate and +2gmeasurement limit, which is the configuration was applied. 

Dataset Keywords: Vibration data, anomaly detection, predictive maintenance, data analysis, sensors data

Data Provider Name: KLEEMANN SA

Data Provider Country: Greece

Dataset Update Frequency: No update. Data from a fixed period will be only available.

Dataset Size: A .csv file containing vibration data of 1-month period has about 130MB size and over 4000 records.

Number of Attributes: 5  (sensor ID, timestamp, x value, y value, z value)

Data Format and Storage: Data are transmitted from Sensors in a raw format and were stored in a SQLite DB. The data will be exported as a .csv file.

Data Attributes: Vibration data contain the acceleration value in the three axis x, y, z alongside the corresponding timestamp

Personal Data: Not present

Level of Aggregation: Preliminary aggregation from raw data to a .csv file. Data delivery in JSON format is possible as well

Data access: Bulk download

Dataset Id: # FillLevel1

Dataset Title: Fill Level Sensors Data from Open Top Containers

Dataset Description: Fill level sensors for measuring the fill level of large open top containers has been deployed. The solution is based on Ultrasonic Senors for measuring the fill level and long range communication module provided by LoRa and MQTT for data transmission. The data can be used for real time monitoring of the bins as they provide measurements in every 5 minutes. Furthermore, it can be used for computing the trend of a bin and forecast the need to arrange a pick-up for it. However, for experiments processes csv files can be available to applicants.

Dataset Keywords: Fill level data, sensor data, time series, smart waste management, bins monitoring

Data Provider Name: ELDIA

Data Provider Country: Greece

Dataset Update Frequency: Can be updated in monthly basis by providing a .csv file if it is needed

Dataset Size: A .csv file containing data from 2 fill level sensors for a 2-month period has about 4MB size and about 17.000 records.

Data Attributes: 6   (sensor ID, timestamp, fill level percentage, battery level, update status, distance)

Data Format and Storage: Data are transmitted from Sensors in a raw format and were stored in an Influx DB. The data will be exported as a .csv file.

Data Attributes: The data present the fill level of a bin. This data can be used for real time monitoring of customers’ bins in order to optimize collection planning (both from monitoring and forecasting of fill level data trend)

The dataset contains: No data relating to persons

Geographic Coverage: N/A

Level of Aggregation: Raw data coming from sensors without post processing for normalization, errors handling etc.

Data Access: Bulk download

Dataset Id: #WebUse1

Dataset Title: Platform Analytics

Dataset Description: The dataset contains information about the activity and performance of the company website. This information is stored by the Google Analytics system, and may include data such as users that visit the website, accesses to specific sections and visualizations of products of the company.

Dataset Keywords: Website, Analytics, Google

Data Provider Name: Lagrama

Data Provider Country: Spain

Dataset Update Frequency: Once a day

Dataset Size: The size of the dataset depends on the website activity, which may vary depending on the period.

Data Format and Storage: Exportation of the reporting could be provided in a specific format, although this can be directly accessed via the available API

What You Can Do:

  • Get information about which products are searched by potential customers;

  • Get insights about the most demanded product features;

  • Get insights about the customers’ preferences

The Dataset Contins:

  • Activity data of the company website

  • Information about the company and its products and services

  • No personal data

Data Access: Via API

Sensor Vibration
Bin Fill Level
Platform Analytics
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