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Factory Connectivity and Smart Factory Solutions

Deliver intelligent, connected field service by moving from a costly break-fix model to proactive, predictive service. Connect your devices to Internet of Things (IoT) data to reduce customer downtime and drive insights for new products and services.

Gain visibility across shop-floor activities and processes

Improve decision-making and maintenance with insights gleaned from use and repair data- illuminating product weaknesses, usage issues, or knowledge gaps. Get a complete picture of parts availability, even across borders.

Reduce downtime, response time and maintenance costs

Collect product and device data to predict problems and breakdowns that can be addressed proactively. View product-usage issues and repair histories from a central portal, enabling  quick diagnoses of problems and repair issues.

Shop-Floor Connectivity and Smart Factory Solutions in the EFPF Ecosystem


KLEEMANN , one of the largest lift manufacturers in the world is leading the adoption offactory connectivity solutions for monitoring of shop-floor assets and to automate waste  management process. This results in efficiency, cost reduction and enhanced contribution towards environmentally friendly manufacturing. 

The EFPF smart factory solutions can allow KLEEMANN to connect with its supply chain partners and exchange production data in real-time to  achieve  efficiency and transparency throughout the supply chain.

Factory Connectivity and Smart Factory Solutions

IoT Remote Monitoring

Securely connect and monitor your assets using factory connectors and IoT gateways; and analyse the performance of your assets through an intuitive dashboard

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