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Data Analytics

A variety of data analytics solutions are made available as services. The solutions make use of advance data analytic techniques including Machine Learning and Deep Learning to address real-world scenarios  

Reduced reaction time to  problems on the shop-floor

Detection of abnormal machine behaviour is possible through a solution that combines Internet of Things technologies with real-time data analysis functions. Early anomaly detection and predictions on machine behaviours are some of the key features of data analytic applications

Cost benefits from on the analysis of processes & customer data

From the predictions of customer needs to the early detection of machine failure conditions, advance data analytic functions enable effective planning of business and production activities. The resulting cost reduction can be seen as only one of the benefits

Data Analytic Services in the EFPF Ecosystem


KLEEMANN is one of the largest lift manufacturers in the world. KLEEMANN is using the EFPF data analytics services to carry out predictive maintenance of the polishing machines on their shop-floor. The predictive maintenance service makes use of the data that is extracted from the polishing machines through EFPF Factory Connectors. The machine data is analysed in real-time by the analytic service using a custom vibration diagnosis profile algorithm. Based on the real-time analytics, the analytic service provides health status of the machines and early warnings or alerts of any anomalies or potential malfunctions. Any alerts are delivered to the production managers who can organise inspections and maintenance operations. The ability to get early warnings allow KLEEMANN to better plan their production activities and keep their assets in service for as long as possible. 

Shop-Floor Environment Monitoring Solutions

Real-time Predictive Maintenance 

Dynamic predictive maintenance solution performs real-time analytics of machine data to detect abnormal vibrations in machine behaviours and raise relevant alerts. The prediction maintenance solution is offered as an online service, accessible through an intuitive web-based interface. The predictive maintenance solution can be tuned to analyse different types of data, from different types of machines to identify and evaluate different types of abnormal machine behaviours.

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