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Blockchain and Smart Contracting

Seamless connectivity and secure data exchange for a new level of digital transformation in dynamic industrial supply chains

Reduce cost, error and establish trust in the delivery proces


A flexible and open ecosystem that uses the blockchain based distributed ledger technology to provide a transparent, secure and reliable log of the distributed activities. The blockchain technology allows new actors to easily join the existing supply chains.

Provide open and transparent support for the Circular Economy

Blockchain provides a secure platform for transparent information exchange among different stakeholders in the circular economy. The blockchain platform also provides a trusted and cost-effective way to exchange business documents where the origin and integrity of data is preserved. 

Blockchain-based Solutions in the EFPF Ecosystem


Manufacturing companies like KLEEMANN, ELDIA and MIL Oil are interested in using the blockchain technology to track and trace the flow of materials in closed-loop supply chains. The use of blockchain technology can allow the companies to determine the status of their shipments in real-time e.g. where is a specific shipment at any moment and who is handling it in the supply chain. The EFPF blockchain solutions provide mobile app and web-based user interfaces that allow users to make use of the rather complex blockchain technology with much ease. Using the mobile app, the shipment handlers can record the handover processes (with relevant information, including multimedia-based evidence) in the distributed ledger for future reference. The use of blockchain technology in the circular economy offers new possibilities for data-driven business models in the industrial sectors.

Blockchain and Smart Contracting Solutions for Industrial Supply Chains

Delivery Process Support

The blockchain-based delivery tracking solution uses a distributed ledger for recording transactions and events. Smart contract process logic and a DApp framework is developed to provide a configurable system for monitoring delivery processes and verifying events in the supply chain. Users can define a delivery process based on the pre-defined handover procedures and verify identity of actors and products using mobile units, QR codes and NFC. This solution provides a flexible open way to ensure trust, lower handling costs and reduce errors in the delivery chain.

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